We usually think that most of the choices people make when buying a car are made by their feelings. People want to buy a specific make, such as engines, gearbox, and body variants and finally we have the color. Silver and white are the most sold cars in Barbados as opposed to other colors such as dark blue or black. On the European continent the opposite is true, dark colors sell faster than light colors.

Silver type cars are gray, while others are trending with their climatic condition. Then it is obvious to think that buyers like white, gray/silver, black/navy blue, red or shades of brown, green and yellow. Some cars begin to depreciate after the first year from 15% to 20%, with the highest being 50%. It is believed that some white or silver colored cars could become more popular in the coming years.

So if you are thinking of buying a car you should consider that some colors are more sought after by people, and therefore could increase the current price of your car. This could even help retain the cost of your car for several years. Depreciation can also vary depending on the color of the car, i.e. yellow may have a longer lasting depreciation value of 25% compared to other car colors such as orange or gold.

A combination of the colors can make up a portion of annual car sales in domestic or international markets. According to some data revealed by DuPont, some trends in customer tastes are related to car colors. Thus the data revealed that trends in local markets resulted in the following color preferences:

- Black/Black Effect - 20%

- Blue - 6% White/White Silver and Pearl - 6% Blue - 6% White/White

- White/White Silver and Pearl - stalemate, 22% each

- Green - 2% Yellow/Gold

- Yellow/Gold - 1%

- Gray - 13% each

- Brown/Beige - 5%

- Others - 2% each

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