Checking to keep your engine fit and functional

An engine is like an automobile's heart. It needs to run smoothly if you want to keep your car moving. Without mentioning how important it is to keep the engine in shape and running efficiently. Here are some engine maintenance tips that will help keep your engine running forever:

Change the engine oil regularly.

The least you can do is to do this. Engine oil keep all moving parts lubricated so that wear and tear is kept to a minimum. It also traps all dust, dirt and sediment, and keeps them out of places where they shouldn't be. Check oil levels monthly and top up if the level is low. Oil grade and change frequency are subject to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Control the cooling system

While we have come a long way in terms of the efficiency of a car engine, there is still a lot of energy lost during combustion in the form of heat. Metals and alloys, of which your car's engine is made, are unfriendly to heat. Always make sure that there is plenty of coolant in the coolant tank, because it is very important for heat dissipation.

Let it breathe

Short of breath, does it want to stop? Your car's engine needs oxygen like you do. Restricted air flow can cause fuel to burn poorly, increasing emissions and reducing mileage. Check the air filter and clean or replace it whenever you feel it has too much dirt and debris stuck to it. Your engine needs to breathe to function properly and to keep running.

Look for leaks

When coming home, pull over and look at the parking space for liquids on the ground. If the fuel is leaking, you should go to the nearest mechanic and check it. You can also check under the bonnet for leaks or smell something leaking. Engine oil and antifreeze are fluids that you should be aware of and check for leaks.

Check your belts

Rubber belts are essential links to keep everything running smoothly when an engine is running. If you hear a squeaking noise from the bonnet, it's time to replace it. You should check your belts if they have cracks and signs of wear despite lasting a long time.